Equipment Rental and Team Sask Skin Suits

Equipment Rental Due  - Team Sask Skin Suits Available $150  (on  Zone 4)


Biathlon Saskatchewan administers a pool of rental rifles which are owned by Biathlon Saskatchewan. The High Performance Committee, under the guidance of the provincial coach, decides which athletes are eligible for rifles. In general, the best rifles are designated to the most committed athletes. Also preference will be given to youth athletes over masters athletes.

People wishing to access a Biathlon Saskatchewan rifle must be a member in good standing of Biathlon Saskatchewan, Biathlon Canada and a Saski registered club. 

Athletes aged 18 and older must have a valid possession and acquisition license.  Athletes under 18 must have a minor’s permit and must have completed a Saskatchewan firearms safety course. Once assigned a rifle, the athlete will pay for the rental using an online registration tool (Zone 4).