Welcome to Biathlon. Our goal is to introduce you to one of the most exciting Nordic sporting events – Biathlon. Our membership will have access to recreational or competitive biathlon activities, coaching and competitions. We will develop and deliver a high quality of skiing coaching and shooting coaching. We will provide a safe and fun environment for girls and boys and their families.

Biathlon is an Olympic winter sport, which combines competitive, free-technique cross-country skiing and small-bore rifle marksmanship.


The combination of two very contradictory disciplines, skiing and shooting, in the same competition confronts an athlete with a very demanding challenge. Cross-country racing requires intense, full out physical exertion over an extended period of time while shooting demands extremely fine control and stability.

The word biathlon is of Greek origin and means "two tests". The combination of skiing and shooting used in the sport today is founded on a tradition of hunting, stemming back over four thousand years. Gradually, the techniques needed for survival and combat, developed into contests of skill - what could have been a more natural competition between the hunters in the Scandinavian forests, than that of marksmanship and cross-country skiing?

In Canada, the sport of biathlon began under the auspices of the Canadian Armed Forces. In 1968, represented by an all-military team at Grenoble, France, Canada participated for the first time in an Olympic biathlon competition. Unfortunately, the sport declined in popularity following the 1968 Olympics..

It was not until 1978 and the change to small bore rifles that biathlon enjoyed a resurgence in Canada. Canada began sending teams to compete at the world level in 1982 and by the end of the decade our athletes were beginning to post excellent results including a gold medal at the Olympics (Myriam Bedard - 1992) and a recent win at the Biathlon World Championships (Nathan Smith – 2015). Nathan was also part of the Team, along with Scott Perras (originally from Regina, Sask) who represented Canada at the Sochi Olympics - 2014.


Biathlon Saskatchewan exists to support and encourage the development of biathlon in Saskatchewan and to prepare athletes for provincial, interprovincial and national competition, including the Saskatchewan and Canadian Winter Games.

Biathlon Saskatchewan cooperates with biathlon clubs around the province to organize training and competition at the grass roots level and supports the development of Team Saskatchewan.

Biathlon Saskatchewan is the provincial sport governing body of biathlon in Saskatchewan and is recognized by Biathlon Canada.  Biathlon Saskatchewan is a member of the Saskatchewan Ski Association of Sask Sport.  There is an annual meeting of the membership each year and the Biathlon Saskatchewan Board of Directors meets three times a year or more as needed


Biathlon Saskatchewan is a non-profit organization and the provincial sport governing body for civilian biathlon in Saskatchewan. It is organized to allow anyone with an interest in Biathlon and who shares the same values as Biathlon Saskatchewan, to participate through membership. 

Biathlon Saskatchewan is a member of Saskatchewan Ski Association, a multi ski sport association that operates as a liaison with SaskSport our provincial funding partner for amateur sport in Saskatchewan.  Biathlon Saskatchewan records of account are audited.

Biathlon Saskatchewan sets the race schedule, hosting policies, equipment distribution and membership policies. The provincial association also hires provincial coaches. Biathlon Sask. provides financial support for provincial competitions, team training and coach development.

Board of Directors

Don Park – President
Vacant – Treasurer
Rebecca Bargen – Director
Brad Gynp – Director
Michael Hudec – Director
Carmen Stadnyk – Director
Matt Hudec - Director
Wendy Pletz – Director

Merle Boyle - Director

General Meetings

Biathlon Saskatchewan holds its annual general meeting (AGM) in the fall (September) in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Ski Association (Saski) annual general meeting. At the AGM there may be new Directors elected and the audited financial statements are approved.  The Provincial Coach will report on plans for the upcoming biathlon season. 

Biathlon Saskatchewan holds a spring membership meeting to assess the past year operations including highlights and lessons learned.


Biathlon Saskatchewan is a registered Saskatchewan non-profit corporation.  Bylaws are as follows

Long Range Plan