Club Grants

For the past many years, Biathlon Saskatchewan has been assisting clubs who are in good standing (member of Saski, Biathlon Saskatchewan and Biathlon Canada) throughout the province by offering grants in support of club activities and programming. 

The amount of money given to clubs varies from year to year and is set by the Board. It is distributed based on a formula that takes into account parameters which include: 
1)    Number of members
2)    Number of full-time athletes (athletes training year round) 
3)    Number of  coaches and their certification level
4)    Club members who volunteer on the Board of Biathlon Saskatchewan. 

Each season 70% of this money is distributed to clubs based on registration numbers as of October 31st, with the second installment dispersed in February.

Biathlon in a Box

Biathlon Sask has available for its clubs and introductory Biathlon in a Box.

Click here for the brochure that can be used by the clubs.

We have a Power Point presentation available as well. Please contact the Biathlon Sask office for a copy.

Saski Foundation

The Saski Foundation is a trust fund that is been set up to give assistance to athletes who are training at a level above the provincial team.  The presidents of the various Saski disciplines administer the fund.

Athletes must apply to the Saski Foundation after being approved by the Biathlon Saskatchewan High-Performance Committee and the Board of Biathlon Saskatchewan.  In the past, athletes who have gone to the Olympics or been selected to an international competition (FISU Games, World Junior or Youth Championships, IBU Cups, World Cups or IBU Open European Championships) generally have access to this pool of money. Athletes who train out of province may also be eligible for this yearly grant. Contact the Executive Director of Saski for more information. 

Rifle Rental

Biathlon Saskatchewan administers a pool of rental rifles which are owned by Biathlon Saskatchewan. The High Performance Committee, under the guidance of the provincial coach, decides which athletes are eligible for rifles. In general, the best rifles are designated to the most committed athletes. Also preference will be given to youth athletes over masters athletes.

People wishing to access a Biathlon Saskatchewan rifle must be a member in good standing of Biathlon Saskatchewan, Biathlon Canada and a Saski registered club. 

Athletes aged 18 and older must have a valid possession and acquisition license.  Athletes under 18 must have a minor’s permit and must have completed a Saskatchewan firearms safety course. Once assigned a rifle, the athlete will pay for the rental using an online registration tool (Zone 4).

Metal Targets

Clubs who are members in good standing with Saski, Biathlon Saskatchewan and Biathlon Canada have access to a pool of metal targets owned by Biathlon Saskatchewan. The High Performance Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board as to where the targets should be located.