QVN Races Rescheduled to Jan 14 and 15 - Canmore Races Jan 7 and 8

For everyone still intending to go to Canmore to race at the event that was cancelled due to the cold, everything will be pretty much the same except about month later and hopefully warmer.

As a result we have rescheduled the QVN S.W.F Cup races to the following weekend.

Canmore - Jan 7, 8

QVN  - Jan 14, Jan 15

QVN (Lumsden) Races Rescheduled Jan 14,15

QVN Jan 14 Sprint

Zero 12:00 Race at 1:00 (shoot 2 times)

QVN Jan 15 Pursuit Start

zero 10:00 race 11:00 (shoot 4 times)

Cost for both days $25, one day $15. More info to follow. (Register on zone 4)