Frozen Thunder

Every winter the people at the Canmore Nordic Center make a big pile of man-made snow when it is cold and then cover it in sawdust—this keeps it from melting over the summer. Every year, around Oct 20th, they use dumptrucks to haul out the snow and make a trail that is 1-2 km long. This trail is perfect for early skiing in October and November and is great for getting a lot of volume skiing in before December rolls around and it is racing season.

Serious skiers form Saskatchewan often go there to:

  1. get used to skis rather than rollerskis
  2. put in lots of miles on skis – usually we ski two or three times per day
  3. practice shooting with skis on
  4. work on balance

This early preparation for the season helps to align our athletes with success.

Champions are made in the summer and fall— not in the winter.
— Legendary Biathlon Coach, Petr Zidek