To participate in the sport of biathlon in Saskatchewan start with joining a Saski club. The club can include biathlon, cross country or both sports as a Nordic club.   

You will also need to become a member of Biathlon Canada.

Sask Ski Association Clubs

Sask Ski Association (SASKI) is the provincial sport governing body of winter ski sports in Saskatchewan.  SaskSport provides funding to SASKI. SASKI provides funding to winter skiing provincial sport bodies including biathlon. Funding is determined by the number of members in the sport, the athletic success in the sport, and the number of clubs delivering programing in the sport.  

SASKI invoices clubs on fee per member basis based on October 31 membership numbers.  The SASKI fee is included in the fees charged by clubs.  SASKI fees include a Biathlon Saskatchewan membership fee and a fee to support SASKI administration costs. 

Funding from SASKI is used to purchase targets and rifles, and to provide program supports including a provincial coach and club grants.  Biathlon Saskatchewan also subsidizes Biathlon Canada membership fees for clubs in good standing with SASKI.

Biathlon Canada

A Biathlon Canada individual membership provides 3rd party insurance when a member practices or competes in biathlon events and activities.  There are three levels of membership in Biathlon Canada. To participate in Biathlon Saskatchewan sanctioned activities, you must register with Biathlon Canada. The membership year goes from April 1 to May 31.  (This means that you must re-register every spring in order to take part in any spring or summer activities).



Competitive Athlete

Athletes who want to race in provincial races, out of province competitions and the National Biathlon Championships must have a Competitor Membership. The cost is $20 for a season.  Most athletes register in this category.  Participation in provincial races is encouraged as a great way to meet new friends and have a fun time. 

Recreational Athlete

Athletes who still wish to participate in Biathlon Saskatchewan activities in a non-competitive way can select this type of membership. This membership costs $10 for the season and is for those people doing biathlon not so seriously. This would include people who want to give biathlon a try for a single day or a practice. 


Coaches are incredible mentors, and have the opportunity to groom not only great athletes but great people. The work a coach does does not go unappreciated or unnoticed. 



Parents, supporters and other volunteers are encouraged to register in this category for insurance purposes. This includes people who will be volunteering at races or practices. Sometimes people start in this category and move to a masters program or an officials program.


Officials are always needed and appreciated for their work to support race events.  It is encouraged that officials register in this category for insurance purposes. Basic official’s courses can be taken online by going to the Biathlon Canada website.

To Register

To register, go to the Biathlon Canada Website ( and click on the appropriate option to register as an individual or as a club.

Or go to the Zone4 registration page ( ), follow the on-screen instructions and choose your participation type.